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Frank Candy

Founder: Magic Business Success
Leadership and Business Strategy Training.
Build your enterprise with Clarity, Confidence Purpose and Good People.

Let's work together and make your vision a reality! 


In a Linkedin survey of 5,000 CEO'S, Business Owners,

and Senior Executives, over 80% stated, there would be

a critical shortage of qualified leaders by 2023.

We deliver high-quality leadership training and culture development

for smart business owners and managers who seek excellent results and success in the future.

We have what you need to solve your business problems now.

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Frank Candy

Bold leaders possess a big bold vision, clarity, and know-how to build a great culture that will attract and keep exceptional people. We know how to withstand the ups and downs of the marketplace and thrive in the future.

A bold leader has command of critical thinking skills and the fine-tuned compass for strategy, planning, and integrity. In my writings and lectures, I refer to it as situational awareness meets problem analysis, reality thinking, and problem-solving.  - FRANK CANDY  

For decades we have served as business and career advisors to CEOs,
C-suite members, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs,
health care professionals, and A-list celebrities.

Plus, we have assisted and counseled many people seeking promotions, and when making a career change.

Frank and his team have been the "go-to strategic advisors" to the highest levels of business leaders, in research, human resources, education, medicine, technology, transportation, construction, finance, food, and entertainment.


Frank Candy has been there and done it!  He is:

Frank and the team are fantastic. They listened carefully to us and asked very good questions. Their assessment was spot on and they provided a customized plan for us. They offered choices for us to move forward inclusively, and everyone was inspired to go forward. This was the best investment we ever made. - J. Baker


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