Why Focus Is So Important To Be Successful.

Why Focus Is So Important To Be Successful.     The "F-word" (FOCUS) came up in numerous conversations with many clients and business partners this last month.t's a multi-generational problem.  Young, old, male, female, it spans all people.     The common denominator of successful people is they can focus on eliminating bad habits. They practice and focus on doing the right and best things to achieve success.     My ongoing research for the last 40 years indicates the biggest challenges facing people in business today are: the complexity of leadership, teamwork, and finance, time management, and the on-going struggle to improve productivity and profitability, and maintain a healthy balance between work and home.  Whoa, that's a long sentence and so much to think about and process… please, go read it again.     When I interview executives and entrepreneurs, I ask them to list what's most important to them. The top five usually include, family and friends, work and career, spiritual, financial and wealth, and social. They don't put good health in the top three.  Often health doesn't make the top five.      So I ask them, if you were to hire me as your coach, would you agree for the next 90 days to focus on your health first, and then in any order you choose, family and friends, spiritual, wealth, work and career.     Once we make the effort to focus and line up our values, visions, goals and objectives, then we can focus on maximizing our health, income, relationships, and enjoy a healthier happier and well-balanced lifestyle.     This is about clarity and confidence. For most of my life I have been optimistic and always look at the brighter side of things. I seek the facts and the truth, so as we delve into this topic of FOCUS, I welcome your comments and thoughts on the subject.     Your assignment for this week is to determine your values and vision for your future, and prioritize what you're going to focus on to become more productive, profitable and successful.Until then, I wish you the best of health, success and happiness. Frank Candy